Zechbauer Royales

Hand-rolled cigars and cigarillos from Costa Rica - exclusive & direct from the manufacturer

Cigars of the Royales Line

Inspired by history

The Zechbauer Royales product range was inspired by the glorious history of the Munich-based Max Zechbauer Tabakwaren cigar house. As a "Royal Bavarian Purveyor to the Court", Zechbauer products have already graced the Russian Tsar's Court, the Vatican and other European dynasties. So as you see, Zechbauer's own-brand cigars are already "Royales" in every sense.


Cigars to savour - with a premium flavour

13 royal treasures await you. From the Chiquititas - our top-of-the-range cigarillos, to brand new Lancero, Toro, Coronas, Belicosos, Salomones and Robusto varieties; up to three collections. Cigar lovers need look no further than the Royales range.

The Royales range in detail

The best tobacco, from the Caribbean & Latin America

How did you end up sourcing cigars from Costa Rica? Founder Zechbauer went with his gut – and timed it perfectly. We have teamed up successfully with the Vegas de Santiago manufactory in Puriscal since 2010. The ideal climate for our "Royales" cigars.

Where Royales are raised

Pioneering work in Costa Rica

What the legendary ABBA group and "Zechbauer Royales" have in common, why a rejection was actually a lucky break and how long it takes for a real "Royales" to enter the market – cigar expert Mirko Pettene reveals all in an interview.

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