The Premium Cigar

"Royales" are the premium line of the Zechbauer house brand. Exclusive tobaccos, carefully rolled into quality cigars. Benefit from our 190 years of experience.

The "Royales" project

Max Zechbauer Tabakwaren GmbH & Co KG has been trading in tobacco and cigars ever since 1830. Former Managing Director Mirko Pettene was a man on a mission: seeking to celebrate 2020 – the anniversary year – in suitable style. This meant hunting high and low for the ideal production location and the finest tobacco; befitting a new and exclusive brand of cigar. A quest which, in 2010, ultimately struck gold in Costa Rica and the Vegas de Santiago manufactory in Puriscal.

One of the leading cigar experts worldwide, he devoted seven years plus patience and passion to work on the "Royales" project. A modest plan B, to offer seven tobaccos from various growing countries and in just as many formats, soon became more ambitious. A vintage cigar was added, followed by the "190th Anniversary" (for which Mirko Pettene sourced a tobacco as rare as it was exquisite), three samplers and premium "Chiquititas" cigarillos. Read more about what brought Zechbauer to Costa Rica.

And that's not all – more surprises await!

Our royal treasures introduce themselves